A NEW SONG FOR THE SEASON (Revelation 14: 3-4 [NLT]) – 21st July, 2019.

Every song comes with power and it is inspired.
It has power for good or for evil, it has power to set free or power to put in bondage. What makes the difference is the person behind the song.

Remember the children of Israel: They sang God’s song (a new song) when they were connected to God, the moment their focus shifted from God their song changed. It became an old song. ( 2 Corinthians 6:16-18)

What is an old song? What is a new song? What is the difference between the two?
An old song is the song that comes from the old man -the flesh-connected to the serpent.( the serpent worships himself). It does not matter if this old song mentions God in it, it is old because it is about another kind of gospel, another kind of Jesus, and carries another kind of spirit but not the Holy Spirit or True Jesus or the True Gospel.

The source of the old song is not our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ but another Jesus.
A New song comes from God; it is inspired by the Holy Spirit and sung by the redeemed of Christ. It is like God singing His song through His vessel-the recreated man who is born again. The new song is a spiritual song that is received from God while the old song is a song of the flesh received from the devil.

A new song is sung in God’s presence not in a strange environment. It can be in your room alone and not necessarily before the crowd. It is not a performance or an art but a ministry unto the Lord.

Let’s look at the example of two men that positioned themselves to be trained by the Holy Spirit to sing a new song in the midnight hour of their lives in Acts 16:16-30. Also reflect on the call, the anointing, the preparation/ training of David as the vessel to receive new songs.

The power of the new song was experienced by all around including those that sang the song. What song are you singing in your midnight hour-The old or A NEW SONG?

God is ready to release a new song that can open the prison doors , heal your wounded heart, deliver you from the addiction of sin and force our leaders to do the will of God. How far are you willing to go with God?
Position yourself to receive a new song for yourself and others.

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