About Us


ECWA Goodnews Church was established in April, 1956 for the purpose of meeting the Spiritual needs of English-speaking people who came to know Christ through the weekly meetings of Youth for Christ. These Christians were taught in the English Night Bible School because they could neither speak Hausa nor Yoruba. It was this group of people that Later requested for services in English.

Worshipping at ECWA Goodnews Church is not just an activity, it is an experience. It is a series of impactful and transformational encounters that bring change to the lives of people. It is felt, seen, tasted, heard, and perceived like fragrance. It encapsulates on the outside and penetrates beyond our human fibers into the depths of the heart. Under the intense focus of the Spirit and the Word, change happens. As we come to the Throne of Grace, we are being changed.

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(01) Integrity;
(02) Accountable;
(03) Self-control;
(04) Love and care for one another;
(05) Godliness;
(06) Hard work and productivity;
(07) Humility and service;
(08) Justice and fairness;
(09) Orderliness in worship;
(10) Inspiring leadership;
(11) Enabling environment;
(12) Sound doctrine;
(13) Sanctity of life;
(14) Equality and creative potential of mankind;
(15) Mission and evangelism;
(16) Holistic ministry


ECWA is a community of evangelical believers in Jesus Christ, who hold to the inerrant and final authority of the Bible. We stand for the preaching of the involvement of every believer in holistic Ministry to the world.


ECWA envisions to be a dynamic global church guided by the Holy Spirit, self-sustaining and effective in meeting the needs of the society spiritually, socially, economically and an agent of change towards Godly living.


ECWA exists to glorify God and to achieve His purpose by communicating the Gospel to the lost, disciplining and equipping believers, organizing them into local churches and caring for the needy in the world through advocacy and social services.