BEHOLD I AM ABOUT TO DO A NEW THING (Isaiah 43:19) – 11th August, 2019.

Everyone prefers new things to old, outdated and worn – out things. No wonder the most loved phrase for many in the 2019 theme is “New thing….” It is not wrong to like new things, however, we must be able to answer the question, ‘What exactly is the new thing that God is promising to do in Isaiah 43:19’ and ‘how does it relate to us in this dispensation?’

In our personal lives, many are still seeking for admission, job, expansion of their business, fruit of the womb, new car, wife or husband, and many other material blessings. Our new thing from that perspective is yet to come. If our needs are met in these areas, should we conclude that God has done a new thing or should we be still be expectant?

To understand Isaiah 43:18-19 in context, we must return to the first chapter of Isaiah where we read God’s lamentation against Israel’s unfaithfulness (1:2-4), and how they drifted away from Yahweh, and lost their identity. God expresses a broken heart of a father who has raised children who now do not follow in his ways. (Isaiah 1:3). How true in our time that we are guilty of chasing after the wind in the name of new-things (Matt 6:25).

The identity of Israel is foundationally rooted in God’s mandate to the first man and woman in Genesis 1:26-28, but this mandate was lost at the fall and God chose Israel to be that nation through which the mandate will be regained. Unfortunately Israel continued in the path of the first man and woman, forgetting their significant role as a nation of priests .

In our fallen nature, we will never understand this mandate as God intends unless we are restored and transformed. Therefore, the greatest need of man is not money, wife, school or a good job, but deliverance from sin, Satan and self. And until we are delivered from these three, we’ll remain in our old self even when blessed with new material things.
Three lessons from our theme text Isa 43:18-19:
(1) The Past. Forget the former things; a call to align with the new season by putting aside old things.
(2) The Present. Focus to behold/See things from God’s perspective (change your Life’s lens or Change your VALUE: Vision, Attitude, Life, Understanding, Experiences)
(3) The Future. Face what is ahead and think of the impossible that God will do with you if you continue to yield to Him.


Therefore the new thing that God promises to do is not necessarily to bless you with material things (God has already done beyond our imagination). However, He is interested in rebranding you into the best version of yourself for the glory of his name. Oh yes God wants to make you more and more into the likeness of his Son Jesus. Open your mind and trust God to fulfill his promise to do something brand new in your life because he is a faithful God. God wants to change you and give you victory over self and that will eventually give you victory over Satan and Sin.

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