The Men’s Fellowship is committed to becoming and creating disciples of Jesus Christ, both inside and outside of our church. We believe in Men being the best as God intended.
Meeting Days : Thursdays by 5:00pm

As women, our purpose is to encourage, uplift, inform and enjoy this Christian journey together. The Women’s Fellowship is designed to help women be all they we are purposed/called to be in God’s kingdom.
Meeting Days : Thursdays by 4:30pm

Our youth programs are distinctively youth-centered. The inhouse and outreach programs are not merely concerned with producing “good youths” but rather spiritually-alive youths; youths who passionately love Christ and serve others.
Meeting Days : Tuesdays by 4:30pm

The Children Ministry has a variety of activities specifically designed for children. Our Core Values are Honesty, Integrity, Zeal , Humility, Commitment, Excellence in Christ, Moral uprightness just to mention a few.
Meeting Days : Sundays by 9:00am

Restoring the family to the original intentions of God. Couples’ Fellowship aims to bring couples together as a united Christian force, for fellowship, exchange of ideas concerning matters of faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ and others.

Our Vision is Spiritual maturity of teenagers and service to the glory of God; To be a united Christian force of teens for faith, witness and service to Jesus Christ, Humanity, Christian maturity and development.
Meeting Days : Saturdays by 3:30pm

Just as “iron sharpens iron”, the Boys Brigade meet to engage on contemporary and spiritual matters, and to learn from the ancient wisdom of the Gospel of Christ on what it means to live as Christian boys in the modern world.
Meeting Days : Saturdays by 12:00pm

The Girls’ Brigade most important aim is to help girls to become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, through reverence, self-control and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.
Meeting Days : Saturdays by 12:00pm

Our Zonal Fellowships strive to amplify the Christian goals of our church through zonal meetings, fellowships and spiritual growth by motivating our members to become Godly influences in their homes, neighbourhoods and communities.
Meeting Days : 2nd & 4th Sundays by 4:00pm/5:00pm

VARIOUS ZONAL FELLOWSHIPS : Rayfield | Laranto | ECWA Headquarters | Hwolshe | Farin Gada | Apata | Adbulsalami | Alheri | Kufang | Millionaires’ Quarters | Utan/Rock Haven | Tudun Wada | Bauchi Road | Fudawa | Tina/Dutse Uku/Nassarawa | Bukuru | Rukuba Road | Jenta Adamu | Lamingo | Dadin Kowa/Zaramaganda | Enugu Road | Federal/State Low Cost | Tafawa Balewa | Abattoir | West of Mines

Asides the fellowships, we have various organs/groups in the church where you can serve and fan into flame your God-given gifts and talents.