GIVING FOR GOD’S WORK REQUIRES WILLINGNESS (Exodus 35:4-29) – 23rd June, 2019

Giving for God’s work requires willingness. Without willingness no matter how hard you communicate God’s word in order to stir God’s people to give, it will amount to nothing. And as I say this, the sound words of Martin Luther comes to mind, “For each of us there must not only be the conversion of the heart and mind, but also of the purse.”
Our willingness to give reveals:

*How much we love God. If you love someone you will not mind what you give to that person and for anything that concerns him or her.

* How much we desire to see God’s work accomplished here on earth. God’s work requires money, and God is counting on us to give for his work. It’s not that God lacks anything. The Bible says “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…” (Psalm 24:1). The Bible also records that “a cattle upon a thousand hills belong to the Lord (Psalm 50:10). Haggai 2:8 says, “The silver is mine and the gold is mine, declares the LORD Almighty.” We give in order to partner with God in what He is doing here on earth.

*How we are preparing for eternity. How we enjoy heaven is determined by our works here on earth, and that includes our act of giving for God’s work.
A willing heart understands:

I. There Is A Need To Give (vv. 4-20)
There was the need to build a Tabernacle, a focal place of worship and other religious activities of the Israelites. The Tabernacle also represents God’s dwelling amongst his people. Exodus Chapters 25-28 prescribes in detail the construction of the structure and its furniture. The parallel passage in Exodus Chapters 35-40 describes the execution of the task. And this involves freewill offering of different kinds of materials, including the gift of energy, expertise and skills. The LORD made the conditions clear through Moses to the people;
(a) the directive came from the LORD (v.2)
(b) the giving is going to be from the people and what they have, not from any other tribe or extra terrestrials (v.5a) and
(c) it is going to be a freewill offering (v.5b).

II. Gives In Order To Meet That Need (vv.21-29)
Everyone who was willing and whose heart moved him came forward and gave different types of materials for the construction of the tabernacle. Giving proceeds from the heart. Those who were willing gave different types of resources, their time, energy and skills for the construction of the tabernacle and its furniture. This great freewill offering met the need.

Matthew Henry, the great Bible expositor said, “If the hand is shut, it means the heart is hardened.” May The Lord loose our hearts in order to give willingly. Amen.

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