Silas Aduma

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SILAS ADUMA – Song : Mr. Politician


I am SILAS ADUMA. I am from the Igede speaking tribe of Oju Local Government Area, Benue State; a gospel artist and member of ECWA GoodNews Church, 54 Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos.

This song came first as an Idea when the political posters began to spring up on our bridges and walls. So the idea met a soft landing spot in my mind because, I already had a burden on all of the political inadequacies going on in our nation, starting, I would say from all of us, the masses, citizens and then, as a believer, the church.

We make decisions based on our selfish cravings, sentiments, "our belle", etc., and not on right stance. And since the so called leaders know this, they bank on it to be all good and nice on the posters, with manifesto full of propaganda and fake promises, and throw out peanuts to feed our greed.

More so, the church folks especially, the singers and preachers will do little or nothing but, " I worship You and I praise You" in church and forgetting that we still live in a society that needs the light we claim to have, thereby, betraying the LORD that has called us to be with HIM for the world. We are the light of the world, not the church. All of these are the burdens behind Mr. Politician.


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