THE TRANSFORMED CHILD (2 Corinthians 5:17) – 25th August, 2019

There is a deliberate conspiracy against children – children are mostly the target of many anti-Christ agendas being sold out by the world, hence, the church is in dire need of intentional investment in the transformation of children.

In preparing the next generation we must rise to a high place of prophecy in setting forth God’s biblical vision today as a new thing, even in children and envisioning children as “heritage from, the Lord… like arrows in the hands of a warrior…” (Ps. 127).

Just as Children are an heritage from the Lord, the continent of Africa can be described as the womb of “Judeo-Christianity heritage” given its place in biblical history as “a continent of REFUGE” for Jacob and his sons (Genesis 46: 3-4). Yet the African continent, and Nigeria specifically, has remained backward, largely because of the failure to deliberately invest in the training and transforming process of children.

Alice Ann Bailey, one of the first writers and promoter of New Age said, “when you are changing a nation, don’t bother with the old people, they are too stuck in the old traditions, they will not change, but go for the Children… especially 10 years and below.” Alice lived to her words. She came out with a 10 point charter that has shaped most western societies and our own society today.

The 10 point charter are:
(1) Take God and prayer out of the education system
(2) Reduce parental authority over the children
(3) destroy the Judeo-Christian family structure
(4) If sex is free, then make abortion legal and make it easy
(5) make divorce easy and legal, free people from the concept of marriage for life
(6) make homosexuality an alternative lifestyle
(7) debase art, make it run mad
(8) use media to promote and change people’s mind-set
(9) create an inter-faith movement
(10) get government to make all these law and get the church to endorse these changes.

These philosophies are embedded in the fabric of our society, and are unconsciously practiced in many homes today. If we do not want to lose our heritages – children, we must also rethink our approach of preparing the next generation for future challenges.

A broad framework for preparing the next generation entails:
(a) Vision: we must first envision the ‘Next generation’ in the light of being a “New Creation in Christ Jesus,” and drive them by biblical world-view
(b) Values: Commit to biblical values and connecting children to Christ and preparing them within the context of family and church to think biblically and act integrally through words and deeds
(c) incarnational: Commitment to preparing the next generation in such a way that they translate/incarnate their faith at all times (John 17:15-19). This enables them to move outside the Church buildings and engage in their context in a holistic and incarnational manner.
(d) Intentionally committed to preparing the next generation. As scripture Affirms, “start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it (Prov. 22:6).

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