Youth Unleashed

YOUTH UNLEASHED 2019 will be a 2-day summit, moment for your Spirit, Heart, Soul and Mind to be UNLEASHED through worship, music, poetry, other performance art, mixed with a blend of plenary talks and light-bulb moments that will inspire you to “bridge the gap between your profession of faith and everyday practice” and “equip you with practical skills to break free from the cycle of dependence” and begin to take actions leading to job-creation and self-empowerment.

YOUTH UNLEASHED 2019 will offer you an opportunity for mentor-ship to build Christ-like value-based innovations and creativity for problem-solving.

Beyond the 2 days, you will be able to signup for a mentor-ship program under ‘Role Models’ in:
(1) Music & Arts,
(2) Media & IT,
(3) Business & Entrepreneurship,
(4) Politics & Governance, and
(5) Leadership & Advocacy.

The date has been rescheduled as follows:

Event Date/Timing:
June 8th (9am- 3pm lunch will be served)
June 9th (2pm-6pm).

Event Address:
ECWA Goodnews Church, 54 Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos Nigeria.